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The 32. European Juggling Convention took place in Vitoria/Gasteiz and had everything you'd expect from a spanish EJC: lots of sun, shows, concerts, fiesta, and of course juggling!
Thanks to Fabian Nilius, Thorsten Breuer and Denis Rotter for additional pictures.

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Setup of EJC 2009

For five days before the official start of the convention, a growing group of volunteers was working hard to set up all the big and small things. If the convention itself will be like the setup, prepare for an amazing time!

EJC 2009 - Saturday, 04.07.

On 4. of July 2009, the doors in Vitoria opened for the 32. European Juggling Convention! Which meant lots of people arriving and the first shows - opening show in town and the very first open stage.

EJC 2009 - Sunday, 05.07.

Sunday, 05.07. - the convention is in full swing now. More than 2000 jugglers already arrived in Vitoria and are greeted by hot and sunny weather as well as the first special stage, pata negra!

EJC 2009 - Monday, 06.07.

On the third day of the convention, Monday 6th, many jugglers were awoken by a big BANG at 12 o'clock - the starting signal for basque (juggling) games! If you are wondering: yes, it's possible to sleep in the tents that long thanks to the comfortable cloudy weather at the moment.

EJC 2009 - Tuesday, 07.07.

Tuesday 7th 2009: full moon in Spain! Of course, jugglers were partying at night, but not without having used the nice weather for some juggling and watching shows like the experimental gala before.

EJC 2009 - Wednesday, 08.07.

On Wednesday 8th, the jugglers had to face the difficult decision of chosing between three really good candidates for EJC 2012. In the end, Lublin (Poland) won in a dramatic finale. In the meanwhile, we are still at EJC 2009 - with over 3300 jugglers!

EJC 2009 - Thursday, 09.07.

Thursday 9th, just another day at the European Juggling Convention 2009. Which means, that there are thousands of things going on: shows on site and in town, the volleyclub tournament, workshops, ... and of course the fire stage and party at night!

EJC 2009 - Friday, 10.07.

The 32. EJC is already nearing it's end, but there's a huge amount of jugglers still arriving - just in time for the gala show and a weekend full of juggling and fiesta!

EJC 2009 - Saturday, 11.07.

Saturday 11th, last full day of EJC. Under the hot spanish sun, thousands of jugglers paraded through Vitoria to the olympic games. Back on site, they were greeted by a roaring party with a famous Japanese ska band...

EJC 2009 - Sunday, 12.07.

Last day and take down...

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